Hateful Kitties, Space Lasers, Spider-Man, and Soundbars: Best Gizmodo Posts of the Week

Weā€™re up for a big week in the news, folks. Thereā€™s a lot going to happen, from Appleā€™s big September 12th announcement event to the notably less fun Hurricane Florence, which is currently projected to barrel into the East Coast at a minimum Category 3 status or possibly even worse before the weekend. As the presidentā€¦

Feud Week, Dungeons & Dragons, Shooting Bigfoot, and IFA 2018: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

Here at Gizmodo, weā€™ve just wrapped up Feud Week: A series on personality and business clashes in the tech world, scientific disputes, and whether or not to shoot Bigfoot. (I say let the big guy do his thing, unless it turns out itā€™s kidnapping people with mind-waves to make more Bigfoots.) Some have said that a Niceā€¦