Guillermo del Toro Wishes He'd Taken Over Universal's Monster Movies (and So Do We)

Universal’s plans for a shared universe of monster movies are all but dead after the creative team tapped to build out the franchise left the project. The news wasn’t exactly surprising when it first broke considering the reception to The Mummy, but it did beg the question: what might have happened if Guillermo del…


Universal Adds Phantom of the Opera and Hunchback of Notre Dame to Its Monsterverse, Which Is Very Dumb

Universal is desperate to create a franchise out of the classic “monsters” that ruled the studio from the 1920s to 1960. It’s calling this thing “Dark Universe” and it’s all kicking off with that ridiculous Tom Cruise-starring Mummy. And now we get word about more monster movies being planned and they make no sense.

Spider-Man Scripter David Koepp Will Write the Modern Bride of Frankenstein Remake

We’ve written about Universal’s hoped-for dream casting of Angelina Jolie Pitt in the Bride of Frankenstein remake. Now, Variety cites anonymous sources that the studio would love for Jolie to direct as well—and actually confirms one bit of news about the film, too: it’ll be written by blockbuster veteran David Koepp.