Guillermo del Toro Wishes He'd Taken Over Universal's Monster Movies (and So Do We)

Universal’s plans for a shared universe of monster movies are all but dead after the creative team tapped to build out the franchise left the project. The news wasn’t exactly surprising when it first broke considering the reception to The Mummy, but it did beg the question: what might have happened if Guillermo del…

Universal Adds Phantom of the Opera and Hunchback of Notre Dame to Its Monsterverse, Which Is Very Dumb

Universal is desperate to create a franchise out of the classic “monsters” that ruled the studio from the 1920s to 1960. It’s calling this thing “Dark Universe” and it’s all kicking off with that ridiculous Tom Cruise-starring Mummy. And now we get word about more monster movies being planned and they make no sense.

Han Solo Movie Set Pics Reveal a New Suit and New Rides

Universal might be close to finding its Frankenstein’s monster. Go behind the scenes of Aquman with new filming footage. Patty Jenkins discusses Diana’s view of mankind in Wonder Woman. Plus, Cheryl Blossom’s furious transformation on Riverdale, and new looks at Supergirl’s finale and the next episode of Doctor Who.…

Victor LaValle Talks About the Power of Grief in Destroyer, His Modern Comic Book Sequel to the Original Frankenstein

Victor LaValle’s Destroyer tells a very different continuation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: the story of a mother resurrecting her son, taken from her in a tragic police shooting. It’s a story that blends modern political discourse around institutional racism with classic horror, and a human tale of grief and loss,…

Which Classic Character Did Not Need a Goddamn Childhood Trauma Added To Their Backstory?

It’s Screenwriting 101. When you’re taking a beloved character, who’s lasted decades or even centuries with a simple, streamlined origin, the first thing you do is add something terrible to his or her childhood. Because why would you ever want to preserve the character’s classic simplicity?