All the Cosmic Secrets We Uncovered in the Stunning Captain Marvel Trailer

It’s here! Captain Marvel has finally landed, before immediately blasting off again with a fantastic looking first trailer. Aside from looking great, the trailer also gives us our first good look at both the cosmic and earthly lives of Carol Danvers, and a hint of the threat’s she’s going to face. Here’s what we could…

Marvel Rising's Adorable Heroes Take Inspiration From Captain Marvel in a New Trailer

The prequel shorts we’ve had so far for Marvel’s latest animated initiative, Marvel Rising, have yet to actually bring our heroes together—beyond the delightful pairing of Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl—into a cohesive team. Now, our first look at the animated film gives us just that, and a reason for the team to unite.

Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel, and More Clash in the First Marvel Rising Trailer

Marvel’s upcoming animated series Marvel Rising will follow as a group of young superheroes including Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, and Spider-Gwen Ghost Spider come together to form a next generation team. Ahead of San Diego Comic-Con this week, the first trailer for Marvel Rising: Initiation, a complimentary series of…

Merriam-Webster Now Recognizes 'Embiggen' as a Perfectly Cromulent Word

Pop culture plays a huge part in the process of transforming made up, nonsensical words into perfectly acceptable parts of the lexicon. Today, Merriam-Webster announced via Twitter that “embiggen”—a word that frequently pops up in Marvel’s Ms. Marvel series whenever Kamala Khan shapeshifts her body to make it…

Marvel Is Bringing Exiles Back, Now With a Sarah Connor-Style Ms. Marvel and an Adorable Wolverine

The Exiles were Marvel’s premier dimension-hopping band of merry, reality-twisting heroes. Although they were originally primarily a mutant team, eventually they became host to all sorts of weird and wonderful alt-takes on Marvel’s finest heroes. Now the team is making a grand return, and bringing some fresh takes on…

Thank God, Marvel's Inhumans Doesn't Have Plans to Ruin Ms. Marvel... Yet

We’d love to see Kamala Khan, the fabulous Ms. Marvel, come to Marvel’s slate of TV shows. Hell, we’d like to see it sooner rather than later, if we’re honest. But given how it looks like Inhumans has turned out, we’re glad to hear that the show currently doesn’t have plans to bring Kamala onboard.

In New Avengers: Secret Wars Shorts, Ms. Marvel Explains the Avengers to... Captain America

Disney XD has released the entire collection of animated shorts for its upcoming Avengers: Secret Wars series, giving us a glimpse at Ms. Marvel’s induction into the Avengers club. It’s awesome to see Ms. Marvel on the small screen, even if it’s only in animated form... but let’s just say her debut gets a little weird.