The Orville's 13 Funniest and Most Surprising Moments (So Far)

With just a few episodes left in The Orville’s first season, it’s safe to say that Seth MacFarlane’s Star Trek homage has carved out its own place in the scifi comedy universe. Though not every episode has hit its mark, the show has likable characters and a diverse range of stories—and a big part of its appeal can be…

The Captain Marvel Movie Is Getting Close to Finding a Director

And no, the X-Men aren’t in Avengers: Infinity War, according to Joe Russo. Rupert Wyatt’s next movie is a scifi project. Ronald D. Moore discusses the setting of Outlander’s next season. Blade Runner 2 gets a composer. Plus, a first look at Easter in American Gods, and new footage from Morgan and Arrow. Spoilers Get!

Agents of SHIELD Alum Adrianne Palicki Joins Seth MacFarlane's Scifi Comedy Show

Anyone who was holding his or her breath for the return of Adrianne Palicki’s Bobbi “Mockingbird” Morse to Agents of SHIELD—especially since spin-off Marvel’s Most Wanted didn’t get picked up—should probably exhale. Palicki has a new gig alongside Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane, who’s branching into live-action TV.