Chris Pratt May Have Let Slip Some Avengers 4 News With a Guardians Vol. 3 Update

J.J. Abrams is teaming up with the director behind Overlord again for a superhero thriller. Spamalot could be heading to the big screen. Ryan Reynolds is still holding out hope for a Deadpool/Wolverine team up with Hugh Jackman. Plus, what’s to come on Supernatural and more. May the spoilers be with you, always!

The io9 Guide to Stargate

The Stargate franchise is… intimidating. There are three movies, three TV series (two of them exceedingly long-running), an animated series, and tonight, a new web series begins, titled Stargate: Origins. There’s so much Stargate that even if you wanted to check out its epic saga of soldiers, interstellar travel, and…


Dean Devlin Explains Why They're Rebooting Stargate and Sidestepping the TV Shows

We’re already getting teases for a Fantastic Beasts sequel. An Agent Carter alum joins the Death Note adaptation. The full cast of The Mist TV series has been revealed. Spidey hangs around in more Spider-Man Homecoming set footage. Plus, new Star Trek Beyond footage, and another terrible teaser for The Walking Dead’s…