The Defenders Teases a Major Connection Between Its Big Villain and the Heroes

Samuel L. Jackson says he’s not in any of the upcoming Marvel movies... including Captain Marvel. Godzilla: King of the Monsters will have one cool throwback to the original 1954 movie. A Community star might be headlining the Russo’s Quantum and Woody TV show. Plus, new Inhumans footage. Spoilers now!

More Details On the Tragic Backstory of Star Trek: Discovery's Main Character

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Even a Catholic Priest Wants Daredevil to Lighten the Hell Up in the First Defenders Clip

Matt Murdock’s Catholic upbringing and his deep feelings of guilt are just as important to Daredevil as his enhanced senses. So it shouldn’t be a shock to see Matt take confession in this new clip from the first episode of The Defenders—although it is kind of surprising that even the priest would like him to stop…

Our First Look at the Han Solo Movie's Take on Lando Calrissian

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