Why I Will Never Run and Pick Up Trash

There’s a new trend sweeping the nation—the world actually—and it’s called plogging. No, not blogging on platforms (that “plogging” came and went three years ago) but running while picking up trash. Plogging comes from the Swedish phrase “plocka upp,” which means to pick up, and publications from The Washington Post…

We Can Build 4,500 Eiffel Towers With All the E-Waste We Made Last Year

Electronic devices are getting cheaper and global incomes are rising. That would seem like good news, and it is, except for the 44.7 million metric tonnes of electronic waste these factors helped create in 2016 alone—the equivalent in weight to 4,500 Eiffel Towers. According to a United Nations-backed report released…

Waste Disposal in US Landfills Has Been Underestimated by 115%

The amount of municipal waste being disposed of in the US is more than double – 262 million tonnes (metric tons) versus 122 million tonnes in 2012 – previous estimates, our new study shows. We also found that the US has plenty of space to put it all – more than 70 years’ worth of space, actually.