Netflix's CEO Believes Critics Trashed Bright Because They're Out of Touch

There’s a cornucopia of things to dislike about Netflix’s orc cop movie Bright like the writing, the plot, and the way it literally uses demons as stand-ins for people of color to make a point about systemic racism. But from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’ perspective, the only people who weren’t really here for the film…

Netflix Is Officially Making a Sequel to Bright But Leaving One Player Behind

There’s a moment early into Netflix’s Bright, a cop movie that tries to blend social commentary about race with high fantasy, where Will Smith’s character beats a fairy to death with a broom while saying “fairy lives don’t matter.” Bright was not a good movie, but apparently, Netflix wants a sequel.

A Magic Wand Is a 'Nuclear Bomb' in the New Trailer for the Fantasy Cop Movie Bright

The goal of Netflix’s Bright is clearly to slam together the tropes of the buddy cop movie with those of fantasy. So we’ve got a veteran cop in Will Smith’s Officer Ward and a newbie and first Orc officer in Joel Edgerton’s Jakoby. And then they stumble onto a magic wand that causes real problems.

New Featurette for Will Smith's Orc Cop Movie Bright Is All About Crooked Cops and a Magic Wand

Bright, David Ayer’s new cop thriller premiering on Netflix later this year, is a story about a world in which humans, orc, and other World of Warcraft-esque beings live together in state of rather realistic conflict. Racial tensions run high in the movie’s LA setting as the police department welcomes its first orc…

Bright, a.k.a Orc Cop,Takes a Hard-Hitting Look at Elven Gangs and Orc Racism

Our first look at David Ayer’s orc cop movie Bright (still sadly not called Orc Cops) barely scratched the weird surface of a movie that blends LAPD police drama with a world of magic and fantastical races. But its latest trailer really dives deep into the weird culture clash of a Los Angeles filled with magical…

New Trailer for Collateral Beauty, That Movie That's Either a Sappy Fantasy or About a Dude Whose Friends Are Dicks

In September we got the first look at Collateral Beauty, which stars Will Smith as a grieving man who encounters human-looking manifestations of Death, Time, and Love. Or... are they actors hired by his concerned friends? We’re still not sure what’s really going on, though this second trailer does lean way more into…


In Collateral Beauty, Will Smith Is Either Visited by Gods or Has Terrible Friends

io9 prides itself on bringing you the movies you care about—science fiction, fantasy, superheroes, basically anything with an otherworldly or supernatural element. But then there’s a movie like Collateral Beauty, Warner Bros.’ big Christmas family film, and we don’t actually know if we should be telling you about it.