Tailgating Might Actually Make Sense with DISH's Tailgater Antenna

I never got tailgating sports events if you don't actually have tickets to the game. Why not just stay home and grill with friends or go to a bar? Still, it's a pretty big deal 'round some parts, and with DISH's super-portable satellite, it might not suck as much.


The Tailgater is a 10-pound box satellite that you can drag out into the world if you can't stand the Sunday Ticket separation anxiety. It automatically locates and aligns to satellites, so you don't have to calibrate it every time you move it around. It only costs $350, which is about the same as the Sunday Ticket package itself, and way south of the $900 of the pretty-much-the-same-thing Winegard.

I mean, I guess this makes sense if you're a hardcore tailgater; it's definitely better than the old rabbit-eared sets in the back of most trucks. But I can't shake the feeling that someone at DISH got stoned and saw a Bud Light commercial and decided, Hey, I want that! We can totally make that! [ECoustics via PC Mag, Winegard]



Giz, this is nothing new, this box has been around for a few years now. And this manual portable dish from Winegard that you set up yourself costs less than $100 you just have to have a compass handy because its manual and not self pointing. But what I'm trying to say is this is OLD NEWS. Keep it fresh!