Take a Look Inside a Completely Empty Data Center

A data center without data is... well, just a center, I guess. But it’s quite fascinating to actually see inside one, before all the server racks arrive.

In this video, Spencer Lamb — who works at a large data services provider in London — shows the folks at Computerphile around a new data facility. Soon, this space will serve at least 20 universities, providing high-power computing and data storage so they don’t have to build those services out themselves. But for now, it’s a shell: the vital infrastructure of space, power, connectivity and safety systems.


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What’s interesting to me in the video is electrical power difference between the dull stuff like e-mail and webhosting (needing 4kw of juice.) and the exotic high performance number crunching of scientific applications (Needing 30kw of juice—most of that going to cooling I expect.).