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Casio s XD-ST6200 hopes to make international travel a little easier to understand. This electronic dictionary includes text-to-speech capabilities for six languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, and Chinese. True-voice technology lets users listen to entries from the Genius English-Japanese dictionary as spoken by a native speaker. Other built-in dictionaries include the Nikkei personal computer dictionary and the Katakana-Indexed Spelling dictionary. The XD-ST6200 sports a 480x320 backlit black-and-white LCD and it's powered by two AAA batteries. An SD card slot and 20MB of built-in memory round out the package. This little problem solver is due out February 17 (in Japan) with a price of 47,250 ($409).

Casio's tri-color hexa-lingual talking dictionary [TechJapan]