Mark Carpenter and his children have developed Lego compatible carbon fiber tiles for use with your new or existing models. Made from 3mm sheets of high gloss carbon fiber, these would be a perfect addition to the upcoming Speed Champions theme or any of your existing Lego automotive, aerospace or nautical vehicles.

Prototypes of the tiles arrived in November and Mark and kids began the Kickstarter campaign shortly after. Backing the process at $14 will get you a 10 pack of the 1x2 carbon fiber tiles. At just $1.40 a piece, that is completely reasonable and actually quite a bit cheaper than doing a custom print tile. As with most Kickstarter campaigns, the more you pledge, the more of the product you will receive if the backing goal is reached.

Plans to produce the tiles in other sizes are on the horizon if the campaign gets backed. Adding 2x2 and 1x4 tiles would be the next step in the process after the success of the 1x2 tile. Mark has also began sorting out the details of machining aluminum and stainless steel tiles that would be also be compatible with our favorite brick.

The product is gorgeous and the quality of the weave looks to be just fantastic. It has yet to be determined if this product actually adds lightness as Colin Chapman would like, but they sure do look wonderful on the models presented.

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