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Do you have an ex-boyfriend girlfriend? Is it possible they might have something negative to say about you? Oh, great, because now there's a venue for them to do so, publicly. Online. Libel's never been so easy and fun!

ExRated is like a dating site, only the opposite of that. Instead of helping you perhaps get over an old relationship with a great new one, it fosters invective, gossip. and paranoia. ExRated Is the Yelp of Ruined, Spiteful, Failed Relationships.

Do you want to laugh today? Here's how ExRated says people are using it:

•Networking through ex-girlfriends who date financial power-players or musicians (if you've been searching for that great drummer to complete your band....)
•Dating resume - date one model, you can date another according to George Costanza from Seinfeld.
•Break a girl's heart, give her a good rating and recommend her to a friend (or "exfriend".)
•Figure out what it is you really want by filling out a form of "why it didn't work with this one."
•Instead of having to listen to your single friends' constant dating complaints, direct them to the site.
•Improve people's dating manners by encouraging them to strive for a good rating.


Except this is insane bullshit. Nobody's going to use this site for anything other than saying awful things about exes they hate. Some prime examples:

"After breaking up i was still in love with her and got to sleep in the room next to where she and her new man were f@!king. I hated it. yep "

"Kristen could be a good girlfriend if she wasn't out of her freakin mind! when she told me she'd f@!ked 20 dudes before it was a rap! "

"She is a very good girlfriend if you spend every waking moment with her. She has a very strong dependency problem. Into threesomes!"

"Where to start? He lies A lot He sleeps with anything that moves ANYTHING! A lot. Oh and if you piss him off he has no problem attacking you"


Are these things true? Maybe. Could they be completely made up to embarrass and/or hurt the lives of the person in question? Of course. There's no way to tell—but there's name and real person attached to all of these comments, making it easy to spread defamatory crap about an ex. Maybe they dumped you because you suck, not because they're a sociopathic whore disease pustule. And maybe it doesn't matter, because I doubt this site will be widely used anyway. [ExRated]

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