Talking Floor Helps Your Diet, Calls You Lazy Fatso

Diet Floor is a "smart" talking ceramic floor that will talk to you whenever you spend too much time on top of it at the wrong times. In other words: you go to the kitchen in between meals, stop in front of the the refrigerator to see what you can nib on and it will shout something like "Watch out for those extra pounds!" or "Beware of the cold pizza monster!" or something like that. And it gets even better when you install them in an office environment.

Then, the tile will turn from diet helper to employee abuser: if you spend too much time in front of the water cooler or the coffee machine, it will say phrases like "You should be working now," at which time you would probably grab a stapler and start hitting it.


These infernal Diet Floor tiles, created by Spanish ceramics company Tau Cerámica and the inventor Pep Torres, have weight sensors and a CPU that controls different parameters. They can even detect individual people and record their activity in front of the fridge, as well as personalizing it to shout different messages according to the person on top. It's like an episode of Futurama, but not funny at all. [TAU Ceramic - In Spanish]

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