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The new PRISM Sales Talking Remote Control Holder website has a tagline that reads "One of life's burning questions: Where's the remote?" Now, I don't know about you, but while that may sometimes be a question asked around the house, it certainly isn't one of my major problems. I mean, try "Where's the plunger?" or "Where are those WMD's." But ok, if you can't seem to keep an eye on that pesky remote, the PRISM Talking Remote Control Holder will tell you where its hiding. It actually says clever things like "Where's the remote?" or "Put the remote back." And once its replaced, it thanks you. Sounds like one of the most annoying products ever produced, but with comments from consumers like, "This is great! It's going to be the next Billy Bass Fish!" I don't know how you'll resist it.

Product Page [PrismSales]