Illustration for article titled Tame Cube Concept: A Good Excuse is Just a Roll Away

If you are a multitasker that receives numerous calls, texts, IMs, Facebook messages and the like, you may find something useful in the idea behind this Tame Cube concept. Each side of the cube can be customized with a status message of your choosing and can be synced to your devices and applications. For example, if you are driving and don't want to be distracted, simply turn the cube over to the appropriate message and anyone that tries to contact you will be notified of your situation.


It also features a red-yellow-green color coding system for at-a-glance availability selection. And if you have a little gambler in you, just give the cube a roll for a random excuse. In theory, the whole shebang is wireless and easy to update via the internet, but all that aside, it probably won't be hitting store shelves anytime soon. Still, the idea itself may have some potential in one form or another. [The Greener Grass]


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