The guys at iPhoneology didn't have anything better to do this weekend, so they were poking around in the iPhone's firmware, and look what they found: four applications they hadn't seen before, including one for mobile radio that's not even supported in the iPhone's hardware. They also found a few widgets that aren't on the iPhone yet, either.


As you can see in the screenshot above, it has an entry for a Unit Converter, as well as three widgets: a phonebook (something that's already available in the Phone section of the iPhone), a Translation widget and a World Clock, also already present and accounted for on the iPhone. The iPhoneologists also posit that there could be a dictionary in the offing. That firmware screenshot seems legit, but we're still not so sure about those icons in the pic above, which are probably made up.

Since iPods have gone without radios for so many years, it seems unlikely that the iPhone would adopt such a capability. However, there is already a radio on board with the iPhone, so maybe it's not that much of a leap to guess that there may someday be an FM radio inside the iPhone, too. But we know what radio we'd like to see in there: 3G instead of the EDGE network. [iPhoneology]