Targus's Mice for Macs First to Have 4-Way Touch Scrolling

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Targus has been making peripherals since before sliced bread was invented, but as part of its first line of notebook accessories specifically designed for Macs it's come up with two mice that are the only ones to have four-way touch scroll controls for Macs. They're ergonomic, and both have 1200 dpi sensitivity: the wireless version uses 2.4GHz RF tech, with a micro-receiver that slots into a USB hub or the mouse base for traveling, and the laser mouse connects over Bluetooth. Both are out now, the wireless mouse for $50, and the Bluetooth one for $70. Press release below, alongside news about the Bluetooth presenter that's in the same line.The Bluetooth presenter is apparently the first Mac-specific one you can buy, and is compatible with both Keynote and PowerPoint. It's also got a laser pointer, mouse-control mode and two programmable buttons in addition to its slide control/volume control buttons. It's out now for $80, and is pictured next to the two wireless mice below.

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ANAHEIM, Calif., – September 30, 2008 - Targus Inc., maker of the world’s top-selling laptop computer cases and accessories, announced today it is launching its first line of notebook accessories specifically designed for Mac notebook users. The new family of products is designed from the ground up to deliver a complete suite of Mac-exclusive solutions and includes a Wireless Mouse, Bluetooth® Laser Mouse, Bluetooth Presenter, USB Hub, Chill Mat™, File Share Cable and Privacy Screen. Each product is developed with materials, ergonomic attributes, technology innovations, functionality and aesthetics designed specifically to meet Mac users’ wants and needs. Drawing on the popularity of the iPod® Touch, the mice and presenter feature the most current touch scroll technology, delivering unprecedented ease of navigation. With its first line of Mac accessories, Targus offers Mac enthusiasts cutting-edge products with feature-rich functionality and Mac-focused designs. The new line complements the Apple® style with clean, sleek and trendy form factors that exude simplicity and sophistication. In addition, continuing with Targus’ Eco-Smart™ campaign, all the packaging includes eco-friendly materials featuring up to 70% post-consumer paper materials and highly recyclable PET. “The new Targus for Mac line was created with Mac user input throughout the design and development process, and while it has a distinct Mac aesthetic in terms of look and feel, it offers much more than that,” said Bob Shortt, sr. vice president of sales and marketing at Targus. “We designed the functionality required to deliver what Mac users want in their products, like the intuitive interface on the presenter, the smooth-moving touch scroll and the dual programmable buttons that let users personalize their experience.” Wireless Mouse for Mac (Model # AMW43US) and Bluetooth Laser Mouse for Mac (Model # AMB08US) Both new mice are equipped with the latest in touch technology, our 4-way touch scroll provides smooth, rapid scrolling, move up/down and left/right with just the tip of a finger. Additionally, the mice allow Mac users to personalize their mouse functions with two programmable buttons that instantly give users access to the functions or applications they use most. The ergonomic size and shape of the mice create a comfortable and supportive experience that cradles the hand during use. Equipped with a Power Indicator Light, both mice inform users of low battery power. The Wireless Mouse for Mac features a RF 2.4 GHz Micro USB receiver, which plugs into a USB port, allowing unencumbered free range of motion; the micro receiver stows conveniently into the Wireless Mouse for travel or storage. 1200 dpi optical sensor technology ensures accurate movement on the screen. The Wireless Mouse for Mac measures 4.64” x 2.51” x 1.45”, weighs 4.7 oz and has an MSRP of $49.99. With top-of-the-line Bluetooth technology, the Bluetooth Laser Mouse for Mac offers the ultimate ease in wireless connectivity and eliminates the need for a receiver, preserving a USB port for other devices. Whether used with or without a mouse pad, the Bluetooth Laser Mouse delivers precise cursor movements with quality 1200 dpi laser technology. The Bluetooth Laser Mouse for Mac measures 4.64” x 2.51” x 1.45”, weighs 4.4 oz and has an MSRP of $69.99. Bluetooth Presenter for Mac (Model # AMP11US) The first Mac-specific presenter on the market, Targus’ innovative Bluetooth Presenter for Mac includes numerous features designed to improve the presentation experience. The intuitive button configuration provides ease of use and prevents accidental button presses, with primary presentation controls such as previous slide, next slide and laser pointer easily identifiable from tactile cues; secondary functions like blank screen and slide show are recessed and out of the way. Versatile functionality switches easily from Presentation Mode to Cursor Mode, for use like a mouse, with touch scroll technology delivering smooth, effortless navigation through lengthy spreadsheets, PDF documents and other projected applications. Compatible with both Keynote® and PowerPoint®, the Bluetooth presenter for Mac includes remote control for adjustment of volume and other functions plus two programmable buttons that give users quick access to applications or functions of their choice. Additionally, the Bluetooth Presenter for Mac includes a laser pointer, allowing users to call attention to important information within their presentation. Bluetooth technology delivers wireless control of presentations from a distance of up to 33 feet and the Presenter’s comfort-conscious design reduces strain due to the ergonomic placement of its buttons. The Bluetooth Presenter for Mac measures 5.1” x 1.65” x .98”, weighs 3.7 oz and has an MSRP of $79.99.



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ummm the Might mouse had 360 scrolling for ages now.