Taser Cam To Help With Stun Gun Accountability

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Since June 2001, Amnesty International has compiled a list of over 100 people who have died after being shocked with 50,000 volts by a Taser stun gun used by a law enforcement agent. Obviously, these numbers don't help the company's sales or the good name of your friendly police officers. So to make sure the guns are used for the right reasons and to hold the user accountable for their actions, Taser has developed a Taser Cam, which will attach to the butt of the gun and record audio and video of whenever it's used. The Taser cam starts running as soon as the gun is turned on and will keep recording until it's turned off, so we won't miss a thing. It also faces where the gun is pointing for real accuracy. Of course, it doesn't come standard with the gun, so the camera will have to be purchased separately for $400. In October, rival stun gun company Stinger Systems, Inc also announced a gun that can be fitted with an audio-video recorder, selling for only $200 extra, though they won't say who, if anyone, has purchased the weapons.

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