TDK's 1TB Optical Disc Is Like 41 Blu-rays In One

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At Ceatec Japan, TDK highlighted a 1TB capacity optical disc—enough to hold a sizeable Blu-ray collection in the palm of your hand.


The disc has a whopping 16 recording layers, where a 25GB Blu-ray has just one, and a beefed up 50GB Blu-ray is dual-layered. It also takes the same time to read one layer of TDK's product as it does a Blu-ray disc. The only problem? The new disc's recording layers are about 2.5-times as thick as they need to be to be compatible with Blu-ray specifications. Also: figuring out how to stuff that much bonus content in to make it worth selling movies on these things.

Worth noting, too, that it's going to be a looooong time before these actually show up at retail. But when they do, I'm looking forward to burning a Lord of the Rings/Star Wars/Godfather trilogies mega-marathon. [Tech On]

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