Teal Panels Are Like Lego For Campers Who Hate Tents

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As the story goes, Lawrence Drake wanted to go camping with a pop-up camper instead of a tent, but his ride could only tow 1,000 pounds. So to stick it to the 'camping-man' he invented a set of lightweight modular panels that can be assembled just like Lego to create various sized temporary dwellings.

The Teal Panels—which we might point out are in no way teal—assemble using simple screws and a ratchet strap tightened around the entire structure for added stability. The lightweight panels can be assembled on top of a flat bed trailer, sleeping two persons as a DIY camper, or on the ground in a considerably larger cabin configuration topped with a tent roof to keep out the elements.


There are also optional panel accessories available like doors, windows, and even a pop-up roof providing more head room when assembled as a smaller structure.

Like Lego, you can theoretically rebuild the entire city of Rome with the Teal Panels, if only they were available for sale right now. While awarded a patent for their design, Drake is still looking for investors to put the panels into mass production. And he's thankfully not turned to Kickstarter as a funding source. [Teal Panels via Gizmag]