High-Tech Gifts Your Favorite Car Nerd Will Actually Use

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We car enthusiasts are a hard bunch to buy gifts for. Most non-gearheads throw their hands up in defeat and opt for cheesy car-branded stuff. Don't foist another bottle of Ferrari cologne on your petrol pals — spring for high-tech gifts they'll actually use.

I'll get this show on the road with a few suggestions of my own. Add your own ideas in the comments! Follow this format for easy reading:

Name and price of the product (please link this to a product page when applicable, so people can easily buy it).


Image or video of the product.

A note explaining why you think it's great.

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Bob Sorokanich

ScanGauge II

This slim digital readout plugs into the onboard diagnostic computer in any 1996-0r-newer car, monitoring up to 37 of the engine parameters like fuel consumption, real-time horsepower, coolant temperature, ignition timing and more — all the data that gearheads geek out over. Similar setups use your smartphone as the readout, but the simple five-button Scangauge seems less distracting to operate from behind the wheel, and can be mounted wherever there's dashboard space. http://www.amazon.com/ScanGauge-Auto…