Teen Buys PS2 on eBay, Receives Whole Heap of Cash Instead

Illustration for article titled Teen Buys PS2 on eBay, Receives Whole Heap of Cash Instead

A British teenager who bought a Sony PlayStation 2 on eBay for

95 ($194) got more than he bargained for when he opened the package. Instead of a shiny, happy gaming console, there was a whole heap of euros -


65,400 ($90,000) to be precise—stacked neatly inside. A spokesman for eBay said that the parcel's contents were "somewhat unusual," but that they would help the police in any way they could.

When the parcel arrived, on March 20, the boy's parents contacted the Norfolk Constabulary, who are now holding the money under the Proceeds of Crime Act. If the owner does not come forward by September 22, then the family can apply to have the cash returned to them—unless the police apply to hold onto the money for a longer period. [BBC]



If this money does belong to a criminal of some sort, and not some old granny that got a little confused (or generous), then keeping half could very well be the same sentence for danger or death as keeping the whole amount.

$100k is worth buying a plane ticket from pretty much anywhere in the world to come and collect that package. Don't forget that the original seller has this person's name and address. A typical family wouldn't be able to move and hide their new location.

On top of all this, if these are funds from illegal activity, they probably don't belong to the original ps2 seller, but someone up a bit higher who likely has greater interest in not seeing their property given away like this.

The right thing to do would be to give the whole thing to the cops along with all the information one has on the seller. Even sending it back to the seller would be a bad thing to do - the package could be lost or the seller could also tell the money's owner the kid still had it.

Making this story public was also a good move for safety's sake.