Illustration for article titled Teen Buys PS2 on eBay, Receives Whole Heap of Cash Instead

A British teenager who bought a Sony PlayStation 2 on eBay for

95 ($194) got more than he bargained for when he opened the package. Instead of a shiny, happy gaming console, there was a whole heap of euros -


65,400 ($90,000) to be precise—stacked neatly inside. A spokesman for eBay said that the parcel's contents were "somewhat unusual," but that they would help the police in any way they could.

When the parcel arrived, on March 20, the boy's parents contacted the Norfolk Constabulary, who are now holding the money under the Proceeds of Crime Act. If the owner does not come forward by September 22, then the family can apply to have the cash returned to them—unless the police apply to hold onto the money for a longer period. [BBC]


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