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Teen Wins Dubai World Drone Prix as Country Announces 'World Future Sports' Games

Image by AP
Image by AP

Over the weekend, Dubai hosted the first ever World Drone Prix, the winner of which was a 15-year-old pilot from England. He walked away with a cool $250,000, while Dubai itself took the opportunity to announce that it will host the World Future Sports Games.


The World Drone Prix saw four pilots at a time race twelve laps of a swooping course, all set against the striking backdrop of Dubai’s skyline, reports AP. It seems to have been taken pretty seriously: Pilots were kitted out in F1-style racing overalls as they ducked and dived, using VR headsets to the see the point-of-view camera feeds from their drones. Ultimately Luke Bannister of Tornado X-Blades Banni UK took overall victory. You can see some of the action in this video.

Perhaps more exciting is the prospect of what’s to come, though. At the event, it was announced that Dubai will host a World Future Sports Games in December 2017. That event will apparently include “robotic swimming, running, wrestling and car racing,” according to Associated Press. And drone flying, naturally.



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Flying Squid (Today is my last day on Kinja. Bye.)

This event sounds fun and all, but it is using the word ‘sports’ very loosely.