There Are No Losers When a Drone Races a McLaren Supercar

To help promote the upcoming World Drone Prix in Dubai next week, the organizers enlisted the help of the local police, who have a McLaren 650s in their garage, to go head-to-head against a high-speed racing drone. It doesn’t matter who won the race, though, because the Tron-like footage is just wonderful.

But could a drone actually best the McLaren 650s which boasts a top speed of 207 miles per hour? Not when it comes to flat out speed. The fastest racing drones have been clocked hitting a top speed of around 98 miles per hour, which is unthinkably fast for a tiny flying toy but barely half the top speed of the McLaren.

When it comes to agility and maneuverability, however, including flying up the side of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, the McLaren has officially met its match here. Not to mention buying a drone is a little gentler on your savings account.

[YouTube via Autoblog]

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I hate to be that guy, but is okay that we promote events and videos that in turn promote a country that still uses slavery? Some might call it indentured servitude because most traveled to the country voluntarily, then had their visas seized at the border. However that isn’t even strictly true as most were tricked into making the journey under false pretenses. I mean sure the country spends a lot of money on cars and cool events meant to drive tourism, but as Americans or Europeans aren’t we supposed to be against slavery? Or is the slavery only something we get upset about after the slaves revolt?

Sorry, I just watched the last Gymkahna last night and it was bugging me that Ken Block and Ford were promoting such a morally bankrupt country, then this popped up. I don’t usually give two figs about humanity, but humans seem be unusually hypocritical lately.