Teensy VW Car is 30% the Size of the Original

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It looks like you can fit more people in VW's car than you can in the Guinness Book of World Records' smallest legal street car, but it's still 30 per cent the size of an original VW Gol.

The Gol has been sold since the '80s, and while it's pretty small itself, the Mini-Gol is even teensier. Fitting people under 5-feet in height, it's only got a top speed of 27km/hr, but that 2.25-meter long chassis will make parking a dream.


Volkswagen's not putting the car on sale, but instead is using their two scale-models in Brazil at car shows. I'd love to see a Daddy 'n son racing side-by-side in these—Brazilians, remedy that immediately please! [Autoblog via Automotto via Likecool]

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There's no way that's the original then in the picture, cause the car right there is definitely not 30% the size. 70% maybe, or 30% smaller i could see, but just look at the height of the cars. The one on the right is definitely not less than half as tall as the one on the left. There's something wrong here, either that's not the original gol or we're not talking about the same car or something i dunno but something.