TeleNav Confirms iPhone In-Car Navigation App

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Though it's not among the 522 awesome apps launching today, TeleNav will soon fill a pretty big hole by providing a turn-by-turn in-car GPS navigator app for the iPhone 3G, as we speculated. TeleNav confirmed to us today that its app will include full-color 3D moving maps and the turn-by-turn voice guidance and traffic-aware routing the iPhone Maps program itself is missing. TeleNav already makes decent GPS nav software for Sprint and AT&T phones, way better than Verizon's VZ Navigator. No word on price, but the good news is, it'd have to be available through the App Store, not as a subscription thing from AT&T. [TeleNav]



@friedgold: Apple supposedly does to, so it doesn't really answer if this app is definatively coming or if its definatively coming like Adobe said Flash was and Tom Tom said their own navigation app was.