Tell Us Your Memories of Windows 95, the Most Charming OS Microsoft Ever Made

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Want to feel old? The iPhone turns 20 today.

Just KIDDING. Windows 95 is celebrating its 20th birthday though. Microsoft’s once-ubiquitous operating system launched in 1995 with an expensive (and wildly successful) marketing campaign. It looks laughably outdated now, but at the time, Windows 95 was a hit, selling 7 million copies in the first five weeks it was available.


“Windows 95 is to computing what color TV was to black and white TV,” a computer consultant told the New York Times in 1995. Windows 95 was the first time Microsoft debuted the “Start” button, something its ad makers weren’t about to let anyone forget:

I remember the “Start Me Up” ad, but there’s a piece of Windows 95 promotional history that I’d completely forgotten about until today—Microsoft hired Friends-era Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry to make a stilted “cyber sitcom” promotional video.

The nadir of the intermingling of art and commerce!!

What do you guys remember about Windows 95? Was it the first operating system you used? Have you ever used an emulator? Let’s take a minute and reflect on what Microsoft’s iconic OS brought to our lives–besides some terrifically stilted Aniston-Perry banter.


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I remember popping the disc in an playing Weezer’s “Buddy Holly” video that was on the OS disc. Also playing that game Hover.