Tell Your Car What to Play, Read With Ford Sync

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Ford Sync is a new system developed by Ford and Microsoft that aims to fully integrate your MP3 player, cell phone and car computer with a speech recognition system. You will be able to climb into your SUV and say, 'Play artist Cliff Richards', and the annoying old timer will start blaring out of your speakers. It can even read out your text messages for you in an old-skool synthesised voice, which even understands lazy abbreviations like GR8. Jump to see it in action on a video featuring the action movie guy voice over.

I can imagine some problems if your passengers disagree with your music tastes though - it will be a competition to see who can shout their choice the loudest. It should be available in the fall. Jalopnik had a review of Ford Sync at the start of the year, see it here. [TrendHunter]


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Great. Another bloody distraction to put in your car. Why can't you just plug the PMV into an auxiliary jack?

And before everyone starts saying that this'll be in all sorts of cars in the next few years, let me point out that many people said the aforementioned auxiliary jacks would be in almost every car by now. I had to take off parts of my dashboard to get at the inputs for my radio. Granted, the car in question is a 1988 Saab. However, I had to do the same thing for a brand-new Toyota. Before we start putting buggy software full of holes (imagine if someone hacks that and makes sure the only thing you can listen to is James Blunt), perhaps time-tested and proven technology should be put in first.