Tennis Ball Howitzer Vs. Things You Find at a Grocery Store

Leave it to the geniuses at the NIT Physics Lab in Japan to build a cannon that fires ping-pong tennis balls at near-sonic 700 Km/h, annihilating cabbages, Coke bottles and what look like sundry colorfully packaged snack-food items. There's no dramatic tension here, just the satisfaction of seeing the strong overpower the weak. Want more? Update: Some of you pointed out inconsistencies that, upon review, turned out were the result of me reading one thing and watching another, combining the two into one big idea. My apologies.

I don't read Japanese, but this cabbage-penetration vid literally got me aroused, especially when they switch to slow-mo:

This final one has most of the quick shots from the first vid, only with more build-up and speed indicators:


[YouTube via Make—bonus crazy slow-mo ping-pong devastation pics there!]

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