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Uncap that cable modem and break out the soda pop because Logitec of Japan has a 2-TB network attached storage behemoth on the way. Dubbed the Teragate, this NAS offers enough space to store a healthy amount of digital media in all its forms. Those 2-TB are filled with a 1000BASE-T ethernet port and USB 2.0 ports abound for sharing. It can be set up in RAID 0, 1, 5 configurations so as to optimize your legal media viewing. Logitec even lists the Teragate as being compatible with Macs and thereby with Front Row. How does that go? Oh, right: Imagine the possibilities.

Since it's an NAS, the Teragate also has a built-in Web server, along with a photo station, so it doesn't have to live its life stuck inside the bedroom closet.


Logitec is also offering 1 and 1.6TB models in case 2TB is too much to justify to your significant other. They'll all be available in September, with the 2-TB retailing for about $2,081.

Press Release (in Japanese) [Logitec via Ubergizmo]