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Terminator 2 Complete Collector's Set Proves Technology Is Man's Downfall

Illustration for article titled Terminator 2 Complete Collectors Set Proves Technology Is Mans Downfall

Terminator 2 is a great film. But the Terminator 2 Complete Collector's Set must be the most obnoxious DVD bundle I've ever seen—the epitome of movie studio greed wrapped in one environmentally devastating package.


You know how T2 has been released on DVD a bunch of times, and then it came to Blu-ray, and then a new Blu-ray edition was announced? Well all these kicks in the balls to early adopting fans will now be bundled into one big set. For about $120, you get:


Terminator 2 Skynet Edition Blu-ray
Terminator 2 Extreme Edition DVD
Terminator 2 Ultimate Edition DVD
Terminator 2 Digital Copy

The collection, which will be released May 19th, features 6 discs and promises to include every T2 special feature ever—along with a 14-inch terminator endoskull that lights up and makes noises. And if you listen closely, really closely, you can hear that shiny metal head advertising the next Terminator 2 Ultimate Complete Collector's Set Extreme Edition. [Amazon via /film]

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I understand that the endoskeletal head is an iconic piece from the movie, but there's got to be something else that can carry over the Terminator theme.

I SO WANT a liquid metal case, with the screaming face of the T-1000 sticking out of it, making the same expression when he was dunked into the molten steel. I would buy that in a New York minute.