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Test Driving Google's Driverless Car

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Click to viewThat driverless car Google's been working on? Good Morning America spent some time behind the wheel. They even played chicken with it.


The car's already traveled 140,000 miles, depending on cameras and a scanning laser to do the driving so you don't have to. You just tell it your destination and it plots a route for you, taking into consideration speed limits and traffic patterns. A Google engineer describes it as "Super Cruise Control," a way to augment your experience rather than usurp it. Although part of me is pretty sure that if I had this function available to me, I'd never turn it off.

The bad news: Google's not anywhere close to even thinking about retail at this point, and even if they did the cost would be astronomical. Besides, I'm sure they're just using the extra time to figure out how to make this baby fly. [Daily IQ]