Tetris, the Bottles Blowing Edition

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Our obsession with Tetris is probably only matched by LEGO, Star Wars, and Futurama. However, this video of three synchronized bottle-blowers interpreting Korobeiniki—the famous Tetris theme song—shows that a) our fetishes are really not that bad, b) we are too lazy, c) we don't have as much free time as we would like to do silly things like these (and others), or d) all of the above. Seriously, these guys are so good that we want to take them out for drinks. And use the bottle to blow the Mario theme. [Snotr]



@MrFuzzyPants: As Mothers Day appraches (that is Sunday for you lame asses that forgot your mom, so you still have time), I would like to remind you how we became mothers in the FIRST place. We had wild crazed monkey sex (hopefully) to become moms, it wasnt a rite of sainthood. So being a Mother Fooker isnt that bad after all.