Texas Cops Break Out the Taser on a 72-Year-Old Woman for Being Old and Curmudgeonly

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Despite the fact that tasing a full-grown man borders on excessive, a Texas cop found it necessary to tase a 72-year-old woman because she was yelling at him. And the slightly horrific, slightly hilarious farce was all caught on camera.

The Travis County cop says that he had to pull out the Taser last week because she wouldn't sign her ticket and then started to act violent. Sadly, his commanding officer backed him up.


Now look here, piggies: I'd be tempted to tase the woman too for getting out of line when you may or may not be trying to do your job. But seriously, you could toss her in a cop car with one arm tied behind your back if you wanted to. And using a leopard-print taser doesn't count. Just because it looks feminine doesn't mean it packs any less of a punch.


Also, thank god the cop cam had video AND audio, because the dialogue from 40 seconds and on made me laugh. Multiple times (yes, I'm going to hell). The best part—the cop actually expected her to put her arms behind her back after being tased. Aaron Sorkin couldn't have written that better. [Shiny Objects via Obscure Store]