Starbucks is now offering a new service for their hordes of over-caffeinated followers in North America. Using your cellphone or other mobile device you can send a text message with your zip code to "MYSBUX" and you'll received back the address and phone number of your three nearest Starbucks.

If that wasn't enough, they've also created a specially formatted locator to fit on the small screens of web enabled devices like Treos and Blackberries. The store locator link on their website will reformat automatically for your screen and show you nearest stores, closest WiFi stores, maps, directions, etc. This service is also linked to in-car GPS navigation systems.


Starbucks is promoting this new service by offering a free cup of mediocre coffee to all customers in US stores between 10 am and noon on March 15th.

Here are some slightly disturbing stats about the ever-ubiquitous Starbucks:

Number of web searches for nearest Starbucks in 1/07 = 3 million
Number of locations in the US = 9,400
Number of new Starbucks stores opened every day = 4


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