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Texting While Driving Results in One Death, One Felony and Seven Misdemeanor Charges

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Utah's getting harsh on texting while driving, but it looks like Florida may be among the first states to issue some serious punishment: A 17 year old man is facing a second degree felony and seven first-degree misdemeanor charges.


According to subpoenaed cell phone records "Riccardo Blas Rivas II had been sending text messages to a friend just before the May 23 crash." That crash resulted in the death of 32 year old Tracy Cate.

The incident is incredibly sad, but it may turn into an example of how harshly the courts are willing to punish careless idiots who decide to text while driving. Based on what we're seeing, it may be months, possibly even years, before Rivas' case goes to trial and gets wrapped up, but let's hope the charges stick. Don't wuss out on me now, Florida. [Naples News]