Thanko USB-Powered Air Purifier Mask Filters Allergens, Dignity

Illustration for article titled Thanko USB-Powered Air Purifier Mask Filters Allergens, Dignity

Yes, Thanko makes weird stuff, we know. But a USB-powered air purifier mask? What kind of market are they shooting for with this? Sure, the silicon mask may purify air of allergens, but at what cost? I don't know, is mask wearing a thing over there? Just look at the girl's reaction in the third panel—terrifying! I'd sooner move to a place with better air quality than waste $20 on this.

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Okay, there are two little fans on it... She's got a box of tissues in front of her, so that leads me to believe she doesn't want to make anyone else sick. The front of this thing is essentially open...

So.... when you breathe out, are the fans sucking your exhale through the filters (read: tissues) or are the fans sucking "filtered" air in that you then exhale through the open front?

Either way, it seems to me that the open front on that will let a lot of germs both in AND out.

I'm with those that think its a good idea to wear a mask if you're sick. Those Asians think of everything.