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The iPod touch (lack of a) camera mystery deepened this weekend after evidence surfaced that seemingly confirmed those Covino & Rich radio pics and video—purportedly revealing a touch with a camera—were in fact the real deal.


The ah-ha moment comes once one compares the exposed internals of the just released iPod touch with the internals put on display back in mid-August. For all intents and purposes they are identical. Additionally, both of the internals differ, "convincingly," from the guts in the iPod touch second generation unit, notes MacRumors.

So we know the camera was there, then it wasn't. And we know there's plenty of room left in there for at least an iPod nano-level cam.


We also know sources said this week that a camera could pop back in there without warning.


Regardless, this is all a rather peculiar development, no matter how Apple tries to spin things. It leads me, at least, to believe the rumors that said something happened at the very last minute. I'd also wait on picking one up just yet if you're holding out hope for an iPod touch w/camera. [MacRumors]

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