That Rumored Huawei Nexus Smartphone Sounds Pretty Amazing, Actually

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We started hearing whispers about two months ago that Google would pull a first with its smartphones and tap Chinese company Huawei to churn out its new Nexus device. And now, with the familiar late-October release date for Nexuses approaching, rumors are starting to reach critical mass.


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The well-trusted leaker Evan Blass got his hands on the specific specs of the unconfirmed Nexus and laid it all out for us:

I’ll say. It looks like Google will backtrack on the huge trend, at least slightly, dropping from the Nexus 6’s 6-inch size to a slightly more manageable 5.7 inches, around the same size as the Samsung Galaxy Note. But the new Nexus will also be sporting a blazing fast Snapdragon 820 processor that hopefully addresses the overheating concerns of its predecessor. The fingerprint reader isn’t a huge surprise, considering it’s one of Google’s big Android M upgrades outlined during Google I/O in late May. [Evan Blass]

The Moto G cometh: The Nexus is meant to showcase the very best of what pure Android has to offer, but even Android has some budget warriors worth getting excited about, especially the rumored third-generation Moto G. Now, Motorola’s budget smartphone may have a launch date: July 28. [GSM Arena]

Apple streaming could be big: Apple’s upcoming TV streaming service, due to debut this fall, could be quite the contender. According the NYPost, the service has successfully negotiated with ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX and secured local television stations into its offering as well. Also, the service has Disney on board, which means ESPN streaming for the masses. A new Apple TV is also still expected in a few months. [NYPost]

The dying days of the iPad Mini: According to a report from the Economic Daily News, Apple may release an iPad Pro (which we’ve been eagerly anticipating) and an iPad mini 4 and completely skip an Air update. However, this mini refresh could be the last mini Apple ever makes. And in a world with giant iPhones, that makes a lot of sense. [Apple Insider]


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Will someone please make a good 4” phone again? Surely there is someone else who doesn’t like phablets.