That Time Jason Biggs Played the Creator of Bitcoin on TV

Ever since the advent of streaming TV, I've always had a show that I put on in the background during chores. Recently, that show has been The Good Wife, which I picked pretty much solely because it was streaming for free with Amazon Prime. Little did I know that I had stumbled upon the Best Technology Show on TV.


When it comes to The Good Wife, you're either already among the converted or you're not, in which case I'll just play The Wire card. "'The Good Wife' is to the digital debate as 'The Wire' is to the drug war," says Emily Nussbaum, television critic for The New Yorker. Got it? Good.

That might be surprising if you've only read a synopsis of the ripped-from-the-tabloids plot, which follows Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) going to work at a Chicago law firm after her politician husband's Eliot Spitzer-like downfall. But the show's propensity for topicality (i.e. ripping headlines) extends into some of the most important questions about technology. Alicia takes on cases that mirror a Google-doppelganger doing business in China, the fake lesbian blogger in Syria, and the rape case in Steubenville. Hey, they even namedrop Gizmodo .

Since I've only started watching The Good Wife a few weeks ago, I've gotten to see the headlines of 2011 and 2012 march across my screen. But it was particularly memorable—post-Newsweek Satoshi Nakamoto unmasking—to come across an entire episode centered around the identity of Bitcoin's creator.

This is a TV show, so it has a more satisfying resolution than the Newsweek cover story. (And nope, the headline of this post does not give it away.) Ultimately, it's probably the most entertaining way to have cryptocurrency explained to you, with good dose of cryptographer sexual intrigue on the side.

I should mention that our very own Michael Hession has been beating the drum for The Good Wife for years, way before everyone else wrote their tech-in-TV thinkpieces. There's a snarky ed note in his piece that says, "These views do not reflect the opinions of anyone else at Gizmodo." Hah. [Watch The Good Wife on Amazon]



You haven't gotten to the NSA plots yet. They are way more juicy than the Bitcoin episodes!