That Time Steve Coogan Saved A Small Radio Station Under Siege

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When a radio station in Norwich, England, is taken over by a shotgun-wielding, past-his-prime DJ who's disgruntled after being let go, only one man can reason with him: Alan Partridge. Steve Coogan is back as everyone's favorite self-involved, bumbling British broadcaster in this very funny feature-length film. A-ha!

For the uninitiated, Alan Partridge is a fictional character who's hovered on the edge of the media world for decades now. He's pompous, awkward, rude, and unintentionally hilarious as played by comedian Coogan, who has fleshed out this cringe-worthy act to be somehow equally off-putting and endearing.

Here, we find Partridge introducing hits by the likes of "soft rock cocaine enthusiasts Fleetwood Mac" on a regular morning show. When a conglomerate comes in to take over the radio station and give it a younger, hipper vibe, he sells out a fellow old-timer to protect himself; things go pear-shaped when the spurned employee (played by DS9er Colm Meaney) comes back and takes hostages.


There's plenty to love for old fans and newbies alike, and my favorite part is actually featured in the trailer. The head of the new media company says to Alan: "You are the face of this siege." His reply: "I am Siege Face."

That stupid exchange has made me laugh so hard, so many times. (There's a different bit that involves a strategic genital tuck and a single paparazzo that is also perfect.) I am laughing right now thinking about it, and I am still laughing writing about it. Tonight, we are all Siege Face. [Netflix]

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I've been on a Coogan bender for a awhile now. I loved "Alpha Papa" and the Fosters sponsored Mid Morning Matters shorts with Alan Partridge.

Also if you haven't watched Saxondale, you're missing out. Netflix finally brought it back into their library so ya'll should catch it before they pull it again.

edit: after rewatching that trailer my favorite part of Alpha Papa is when they all come together to write the song for Colm Meaney.