That Viral Photo of Our Big Lumpy President Is Actually Photoshopped

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Have you seen this photo of President Donald Trump bursting out of his jacket? The US president is a large man, but he’s not quite that lumpy. The photo has been photoshopped.


The original photo, which you can see below, was taken by Tom Brenner for the New York Times. It shows President Trump arriving at the White House on Wednesday, April 4th. And as you can see, it’s been altered, however slightly.

Image for article titled That Viral Photo of Our Big Lumpy President Is Actually Photoshopped
Graphic: Photoshopped image of President Trump (left by Vic Berger) and original photo by Tom Brenner (right, New York Times)

The original photo went viral on social media after people wondered what the hell the president was wearing. Some speculated that perhaps there was a gun on his left side. Others just wondered what kind of person wears a suit that’s so baggy.

But it didn’t take long for the internet’s visual jokesters and yuck-em-ups to push the image even further. They tweaked it just enough that it wasn’t clear if the photo was a fake at all. The manipulated photo, which has been flipped horizontally, was photoshopped by Vic Berger IV. Berger is best known online as the guy who edits comedy videos for Super Deluxe.

“It’s really only 5% worse than the original,” Vic Berger IV told me over Twitter DM. “I don’t care if people believe it’s real. I hope they do. Trump is the only person that you can be as grotesque as you want with when poking fun at them. He is a despicable pig person and anything goes with him.”


And Berger didn’t stop there about our bulge-y commander-in-chief.

“I hope Trump cries himself to bed at night at the thought of people believing this image is real. Don’t forget he’s the guy who ran a five year smear campaign claiming Obama wasn’t born in America. He has been credibly accused of sexually assaulting over fifteen women, caught on tape bragging about it and also claimed those women were ugly and wouldn’t have been his first choice. He claimed to not know who David Duke was. He spread a lie that Ted Cruz’s Dad killed JFK. He claimed millions of illegal immigrants voted for his opponent. He also proposed banning people from entering America based on their religion,” Berger continued.


“Fuck this guy. Who cares about a stupid photo that makes him look slightly more disgusting than he actually is?”

[Original photo via the New York Times]



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