That's No Rubber Band Gun. This Is a Rubber Band Gun.

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The nice man explaining the in's and out's of this slingshot cannon looks and sounds exactly like he did the other day when I was imagining what slingshot cannon aficionados might look and sound like. This is not an insult.

If it were, I'd no doubt be pavement paste by now, my head and body smashed to a smear by metal projectiles hurled at me from afar by a slingshot cannon that is nothing like the meager, eye-poking variety you may have constructed in class or during a particularly harrowing workplace meeting. This one kills.

Not people, yet, but automobiles and beer cans certainly, as this video (complete with high-speed camera footage) shows.


All that power is provided by 24 Thera Band Gold exercise bands and some solid woodworking. Maybe a little madness too, but you didn't hear that from me. [technabob]