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The 10 Most Dangerous Jobs In the US Aren't What You'd Expect

Illustration for article titled The 10 Most Dangerous Jobs In the US Arent What Youd Expect

When we think of dangerous jobs, most of us think about firefighters or ice road truckers. But Bloomberg crunched the Department of Labor’s newly-released stats, and came up with a few disturbing and surprising facts about who really has the most dangerous gig.


Which professions have the highest fatality rates? Fishers top the list, followed by loggers and pilots. Surprisingly, garbage men are more likely to die on the job than either firefighters or police—and most (69 percent) of those deaths are due to traffic accidents, according to Bloomberg’s interactive. Here are the top ten:

  1. Fishers
  2. Loggers
  3. Aircraft pilots
  4. Miscellaneous extraction workers
  5. Iron and steel workers
  6. Roofers
  7. Garbage collectors
  8. Farmers and ranchers
  9. Driver/sales workers and truck drivers
  10. Power-line installers and repairers

Another surprising takeaway? Taxi drivers have the highest rates of death due to violence—police officers and security guards are next. Bloomberg points out that taxi drivers are more likely to die by being murdered than an accident, which is truly shocking—think about that the next time you’re tempted to leave a crappy tip.



Image: AP Photo/Eric Risberg.

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My brother drove a cab for a little while and got robbed early and often.

WTF is an “extraction worker”?