The 130,000-piece decayed Victorian Lego home of my dreams

This impressive build by lego artist Mike Doyle is described as a “textural exploration of decay with a Victorian home engulfed in mud.” The mud has tore down walls and is pouring out over the porch. Architecturally, it’s quite stunning. The angled roofs, lines and symmetry provide a stark contrast to the carnage wrought from the mud flow. On a personal note, I always wanted a dollhouse growing up, but I was more into Beetlejuice than Barbie. So this would have been perfect.

Doyle, estimates he used between 100,000 and 130,00 pieces to create this abandoned house. He emphatically notes that "this is pure lego." None of the bricks were cut, altered or painted and over 600 hours were put into this build (the third in a series). You can follow the making of this project here.


The detail is quite impressive from the brick overflow to the rotting porch.

There are also limited edition prints of this piece available for purchase at Bumble & Bramble.


Read more about the philosophy and ethos behind this build. [Snap]

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