13) Antie in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Mortally wounded protecting his friend Ron from a scorpion, Antie was a good ant. A good ant, indeed.


14) Dog in The Road Warrior

Max’s loyal companion took a crossbow for his best friend. But here’s some behind-the-scenes info from the Mad Max wiki about the dog who played Dog to cheer us all up.

After filming, everyone wanted to adopt the dog because he was so affectionate. After a big argument, it was finally decided that the dog was going to be adopted by stunt coordinator Max Aspin and his wife Dale who was the animal handler, trainer and a stunt performer herself. The dog, being a Blue Heeler, continued doing what he did best - rounding up animals around the farm and also eating the chickens. He was eventually handed to the care of another Mad Max 2 stunt man - Gary Gauslaa with whom he lived out the rest of his days.



15) Samantha in I Am Legend

Showing symptoms of the dreaded Krippen virus, Sam had to be put down. It’s sad. Very sad. Grab a tissue and see the proof, above.


16) Seymour Asses in Futurama

Shaggy pup Seymour waited his whole life for Fry to return from the future, but died without his master ever returning. It didn’t quite pan out until Bender’s Big Score, which revealed an alternate timeline where Fry and Seymour enjoyed a full life together until his fast-fossilization at the hands of a jealous Bender.


17) Rufus in Re-Animator

Cause of death: ambiguous. Still, Dr. Herbert West was eager to use the kitty as a test subject for his reanimating serum, even with his broken back.


18) Centipeetle in Steven Universe

Neither dead nor a pet, exactly, but a woman made of a crystal who went insane and is kept as a sidekick by Steven Universe. She was crushed by an icicle and lingers in stasis until being sent to live with other “corrupted gems” in a sealed cave.


19) Hedwig in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Harry Potter’s owl takes a Killing Curse from a Death-Eater during the Battle of Seven Potters. As if poor Harry hasn’t already suffered enough.

20) Ben in Ben

It’s uncertain whether Ben the rat survives his extensive flamethrower wounds, but if any rat could—well, I guess it would be Ben, the breakout star of the other rat movie epic, Willard.


21) Fifi in Doctor Who

In The Happiness Patrol, an alien stigorax belonging to a despotic Margaret Thatcher parody named Helen A is killed by an avalanche of crystalized sugar. As she weeps for her beloved pet, the Doctor simply stands there, looming. Judging. Scowling. It goes on for an uncomfortably long while. RIP, Fifi.


22) #3 in We3

Formerly a bunny named Pirate, #3 was outfitted with an exoskeleton along with a dog and cat to become the ultimate political assassins. Sadly, #3 is killed by #4, the top-of-the-line example of enhanced pit bull technology.


23) I-Chaya in Star Trek: The Animated Series

Spock’s childhood pet sehlet I-Chaya is mortally wounded defending both his past and future selves, forcing a time-traveling adult Spock to council his childhood self into euthanizing their beloved pet, instead of subjecting him to a prolonged life of suffering. The young Spock agrees, since it’s the logical thing to do.


Returning to the present, Spock the Elder has corrected the timeline, but laments the death of his pet to Kirk, which didn’t happen the first time around.

One small thing was changed this time. A pet... died.

A pet? Well, that wouldn’t mean much in the course of time.

It might, to some.

To absent friends.