The 5 Coolest Things about Nokia's PureMotion HD+ Display Technology

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The PureView camera may be the headlining feature of Nokia's new Lumia 920 phone, but the display is no slouch either. The company says its PureMotion HD+ technology allows the phone to look better, scroll smoother and respond to user interaction better. Here's a quick rundown of the best and coolest new features this display offers.

  • Automatic color adjustment to sunlight glare: When the sun its your phone and washes everything out, Nokia says that the Lumia 920 can automatically detect that and adjust colors on the fly.
  • Extra Deep Blacks: The blacker, the better.
  • 1280x768 WXGA display: Nokia calls it "better than 720p" but really, it's just fitting the aspect ratio of the phone. But crammed into a 4.5-inch screen, those pixels will be nice and dense.
  • Super-smooth scrolling: Thanks to an undisclosed refresh rate, Nokia promise "blur-free" scrolling and pixel transition speeds that are 2.5x faster than other phones (presumably smoother transitions).
  • WORKS WITH GLOVES. I REPEAT, WORKS WITH GLOVES: If you've ever lived anywhere with a real winter, then you understand the frustration of trying to use a phone while out in the elements. Nokia's new screen, whose touch technology is powered by Synaptics' Clearpad Series 3, can detect your taps, pinches and swipes without having to remove a glove and lose a hand to hypothermia. Awesome.


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