The 5th Wave Really Wants To Fill The YA Alien Invasion Gap

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Last night, Sony premiered the first-ever look at that teenage alien invasion movie The 5th Wave. And what started out as a boy-meets-girl, high school love story got fairly dark fairly fast. But we’re still not sure what to think about this movie.


We saw a ton of footage during Sony’s massive CinemaCon presentation, and this is what we pieced together:

Based on the much buzzed about YA book by Rick Yancey, The 5th Wave movie adaptation feels like How I Live Now meets I Am Number Four. And the presentation was pretty deceiving. The whole thing starts with main character Chloë Grace Moretz meeting a cute guy and participating in some super-uninspired conversation about their smartphones. What seems like a normal teenage film is then swiftly undercut by a newscast — something is hovering in Earth’s atmosphere, nd it’s some sort of UFO. People are nervous, Ron Livingston pops up to tell Moretz that they’re aliens and they want their planet (or something). The tone switches from light to dark very quickly. But there’s nothing bolstering the thematic change — everyone is just pissed. And then the action starts! A passenger airplane falls right out of the sky. The townsfolk of this quiet suburb run. Next thing you know, the military is everywhere and things are operating like a prison camp in a war zone, and the suburb is being ripped apart. Moretz is separated from her little brother (this troubles her, but I’m not sure how much because this is the first time we’re learning about their relationship). Obviously, this is a cut-up show reel so it’s hard to gauge character emotion, but in the book the main character spends more of the book searching for her younger brother. Perhaps this will be the same.

The rest of the clips feature Liev Schreiber in camouflage lecturing about the end of the human race. He informs the survivors (Moretz’s parents and friends are all questionably absent) that the aliens are “moving amongst us.” Looks like everyone who can pull a trigger is going to learn how to fight, and this is where Moretz gets a little more rough and tumble in the woods. We see her jumping and dodging and pointing a gun at something off-screen, looking horrified and asking, “What are you?”

When Schreiber returns, he mounts an attack and tells his army of teens and whoever else is still around that “If the 5th Wave succeeds, humanity will be wiped from the face of the earth.” Okay, so The 5th Wave is the alien attack? Sure.



What happened to the 4 waves before it? Sounds like they ended as badly as the first 4 Babylon stations.

1st Wave: Took wrong turn at Alpha Centauri, invaded Epsilon Eridani instead.

2nd Wave: Almost landed on Earth, but someone (CARL!) forgot to bring the rayguns

3rd Wave: Finally got to Earth, but scout team arrived during the free love craze and got caught up in it. Discovered free isn’t always free. 3rd Wave dies out from VD epidemic.

4th Wave: Prepared to invade Earth, but fell apart after seeing Twilight. Destroys itself in pointless civil war between Team Edward Vs Team Jacob.